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Private Equity & Advisory Services Provider in Portugal

About us

Our aim

Support projects that have a strong value and growth potential while placing our experience and our contact network at their service and actively contributing to their success


Investment and support to projects defined as early-stage or scale-up that are:

  • Business projects, sharing the business risk with the sponsors;
  • Qualified sponsors and management team with interests aligned with TauCapital;
  • Sponsors with strong objectives and accomplished work;
  • Aiming to overcome constraints in terms of growth and/or development.

Privileged area:

Renewable energies with focus on efficiency and storage

May include other areas in the case of excellency projects and/or where there is a confirmed angle of contribution and value from TauCapital

Technical and economic advisory services

Provision of advisory services, including the technical, financial, administrative and commercial management or any other form of rationalization of business activity

1 Current contact network

2 Identified opportunities

Entry and pre-analysis

Analysis and due diligence

1st step

  • Preliminary analysis
  • Investment angle and indicative terms for business

2nd step

  • Final analysis with complete Due Diligence
  • Final business terms


Include terms of

  • Investment
  • Corporate
  • Governance
  • Exit

Investment and monitoring


  • Active participation in the management team
  • Strategic support
  • Corporate information sharing
  • Regular reporting


Strategy, Policy and Investment Monitoring

Investment Decision

Project attractivity

Project attractivity

Geography, technical status, project aspects, contribution angle and potential maximization, risk analysis

Alignment of interests

Alignment of interests

Market analysis and risks, projects and competition

Project team competence

Project team competence

Sponsor management team/human resources strength, abilities and capacity and, whenever applicable, the availability of research centers and universities and/or of communities, authorities or local agents to support the project/company

Possible business structure and exit

Possible business structure and exit

Potential exit price/price interval, sponsor and other shareholders medium term objectives and exit time/time interval

Financial Projections

Financial Projections

Investment returns and total investment needed

Our projects


The new generation of enhanced performance high functionality excipients


Since 2011 and up to now, Pharma73 has engaged on the Proof-of-concept stage of its biopolymer production technology platform and is planning market entry of it’s first products in 2017

diagnostics solution to deliver blood analysis information to physicians in minutes


With its unique technology Biosurfit is capable of delivering results using a variety of different detection methods allowing it to combine immunoassay, haematology and/or clinical chemistry targets in the same panel. This provides the results that the physicians really need for clinical situations

highly-specific antibody-based immunotherapies which activates and directs the defences of a patient's own immune system


Biotecnol is working in this field of immuno-oncology and is using proprietary antibody-based technologies to engineer and develop highly- targeted therapeutic products which utilize a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer.



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